Covid-19 date night

I won’t lie, it has been pretty hard for us during this lockdown. We have both lost our jobs, feeling claustrophobic in our flat and have had days where it has been difficult to find even the little joys. But in some ways it is reassuring knowing that we aren’t the only people who are going through this right, who are struggling. And that’s not me saying “Yay! This sucks for everyone”, but on those days where it can be a real struggle to get the motivation to get out of bed, it is a comfort to know that the feeling is shared.

If you have been keeping up with me since the beginning of the year, you would know that I started a little series of some of mine and Tom’s date nights. They were never anything too extravagant, just meals out, a theatre show or a even just a trip to Longleat. But with dear old Covid-19, date nights of that caliber have kind of gone out the window. So we have had to be a little more inventive with how we show are appreciation for one another, and be intentional with one another.

I took the car for a little drive, just to dust the cobwebs off and know that it would still run, when I had the idea to build a blanket fort. I rang Tom and told him my idea, he was pleased and then said I would be home soon but I just needed to pop to the shops to pick up a few things we were low on. When I got home, I was instructed to close my eyes and was led into the living room. He made me crouch down, which I didn’t completely appreciate due to my granny like knees, but when I opened my eyes he had made a little blanket fairyland for us.

Blanket fort
Our little blanket escape

It was cosy, covered in fairy lights and the perfect spot to snuggle up into to eat our dinner, drink some wine and watch a movie. Because Tom had been so sweet to set this up for us, I decided to pick a film that would bring up a lot of happy memories for us, Notting Hill.

Although it wasn’t as extravagant as going to see a show, having a spa day or even dining at a restaurant. It was exactly what we needed to just be in the moment together. And with how uncertain the future of the world is right now, I would say that sharing special moments with your loved ones is a high priority.

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