6 binge-worthy TV shows

With everyone being stuck inside, it almost seems like there is no end in sight for this pandemic. Now if you have been spending copious amounts of time on social media (guilty as charged), people have all been dealing with this quarantine in various ways. Some are focusing on building their own businesses, others have finally been working on those skills that they have pushed to the side, or some have been tirelessly working on the front lines. It is safe to say, at least in my opinion, that we should be seen doing something constructive during this time.

However, that is not the case for everybody. I know certainly with my mental health that sometimes I need to just take a break. Have a full day watching crappy tv shows, movies, playing video games or even just laying in a dark room with music playing. Right now is a rather scary time. No one has a cure, no one knows when this will let up and no one knows how the world is going to be when we start to come out the other side. So if you don’t fancy picking up the guitar and learning a new song, or writing the next best selling novel — you don’t have to.

It is ok to spend an entire a day, a week, or however long you want in front of the TV and binge watch. I mean, Netflix was truly invented for this reason.

So, here is a list of 6 binge-worthy TV shows and where to find them…

Sex Education

The only issue that I have with this programme is that we finish it far too quickly in this household. Having two-seasons currently available on Netflix, plus a third one supposedly in the making, all 16 episodes are immediately available to you.

It is a quirky British comedy based on a rather interesting sixth form college that takes inspiration from American teen shows and a lot of colour from the 80s. I definitely get a little Saved by the Bell vibes with some of the outfit choices.

It is rather hilarious in my opinion, talking about all things sex. And yes, it is incredibly realistic with a lot of the storylines, and with a lot of the questions that we all had but were too afraid ask when we started having sex.

Jane the Virgin

I was sad when this programme came to an end. It was a beautiful story and really got me interested in the telenovela genre. It is a feel-good tv show, one that makes you fall in love with all of the characters.

Even though it is a telenovela and there is plenty of drama, what I really enjoyed about this TV show was that it wasn’t afraid to show the faults of the characters. Although it is an incredibly insane scenario to end up in, by making the characters truly human allows you to understand the crazy.

It’s five seasons are jam packed with love and drama on Netflix.

Grey’s Anatomy

I have never not cried during an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It very much tugs at my heart strings. Currently in its 16th season, it officially surpassed ER as the longest running medical drama on American TV.

Set in a hospital in the city of Seattle, we meet doctors, nurses, paramedics and more that create the beautiful setting of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Every season surprises me with it’s ups and downs, character developments, character deaths and groundbreaking medicine. I honestly couldn’t imagine not watching it.

It is diverse, the musical compositions perfectly illustrate the emotions of the episodes and it is not afraid to deal with serious issues. To date one of my favourite episodes has to be season 15, episode 19 where it immaculately tackles consent and rape, even showing a rape kit being administered — something that has never been shown within a TV drama before.

If you are looking for a show that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, then this is exactly the one to watch. The first 14 seasons are available on Amazon Prime, and the 16th season is currently airing on Sky Witness.

Mr Kim’s Convenience

Now I have only recently started watching this Canadian comedy thanks to the recommendation of my other half. Set in Toronto, it follows a Korean Canadian family as they navigate through life.

It is funny to watch this family deal with customers, each other and the world that is ever-evolving around them. It currently has four seasons available on Netflix. I’m still on season 1 but cannot wait to see where this family takes me.

Big Little Lies

Another drama on the list, but this one is definitely darker. I definitely felt drawn to this show due to the cast — Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz and Meryl Streep to name just a few.

Set in seaside suburbia in America, we watch how their lives become forever entwined due to a murder. It shows the intricate lives of school mums — the gossip, the pressure, plus the elements that we all see in friendships and relationships.

Both seasons are available on Sky box sets and also on Now TV.

The Good Place

This is yet another brilliant recommendation from my other half. Now I had watched a few things with Kristen Bell in and obviously remembered Jameela Jamil from her time on T4 — and yes I did go to T4 on the Beach!

To me, this is very much just a feel good show. I laugh, I cry and I understand these characters. It also shows how humans really aren’t perfect, but we should at least try to be the best that we can be. The cast work perfectly together and they ended the four seasons in the way that it was meant to end.

All four seasons are currently on Netflix.

So these are just a few recommendations from me, but I would love to hear some of your recommendations. I can never have too many TV shows going on at one time.

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