Starting the year off right

Since coming back from travelling and moving into our flat, money has been a little tight. Also, our work schedules make it difficult to plan anything too far in advance. However, we didn’t want our lack of money or awkward work times to stop us from taking time out to just spend with each other.

We decided that we would have designated date nights at least once a month. Instead of going on regular dates like dinner or watching a movie, we want to try and broaden our horizons this year.

Our first date of the year was a trip to Longleat for the annual Festival of Light. Myths and legends were the themes which Tom and I both have a mutual interest in. We listened to Stephen Fry’s Mythos and knew that we had to see the beautiful lanterns that were inspired by some of the characters from the book.

We went one evening after I had finished work, which was perfect timing as the majority of the day guests were leaving as we headed in. The lanterns glowed so beautifully against the darkness of the evening. It was designed so well. You walk around the park and each section was dedicated to different cultures’ mythologies and legends.

Our second date meant heading to Bristol to watch an orchestra perform music from John Williams and Hans Zimmer film scores.

I didn’t quite know what to expect. I love going to the theatre to watch performances of plays, musicals and dance shows but I have never watched an orchestra performance. I knew that I would enjoy the music, as I love the film scores from both of these composers. I was just unsure as to whether it would get boring with each piece of music being performed one after the other.

I was completely and utterly surprised. The conductor created quite a show β€” giving information on the differences between the two composers, making jokes about the films, telling us the inspirations behind the musical instruments used in each piece. He even stripped off down to a Superman outfit before they performed the music from Man of Steel.

Tom and I were laughing, loving the music and now we want to watch more performances like this one. I cannot wait to see what our next date night has in store…

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