A small wedding

Getting married is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life, at least that’s what we are taught from a very early age. I even remember when I was young dreaming about the colour scheme for my wedding, who would be there and even assuming that it would be a prince waiting for me at the end of the aisle, rather naive of me now.

Now that I am twenty-five, I have grown and changed and so my thoughts on the ideal wedding have also matured ever so slightly. Long gone are the days of having purple and white as my colour scheme, getting married in a magical greenhouse as if I was a mystical fairy. The only thing that has stayed the same is that I am marrying myself a prince (at least in my eyes).

Tom and I got engaged in March of this year whilst we were travelling around New Zealand. Although we knew that we couldn’t start planning until we were back in the UK, we played around with a few thoughts as to what we would want. I was incredibly lucky for both of us to be on the exact same page with everything. Once we got back to the UK in June, it was time to start really considering all things wedding whilst also looking for somewhere to live and jobs.

March 22, engagement day

That was when it hit us. This wedding is about us. No one else. So why have we been stressing about money, the perfect venue, the guest list, how many courses, should we pay for all the drinks etc. Finally being honest with ourselves and each other, we came to a mutual decision.

Let’s ditch all the fanciness of a picturesque wedding and get married in the city that we met, fell in love and currently live, with our family by our sides. Why spend upwards of £10,000 on a day that will take months to organise just for the photos. Isn’t that just crazy? Spending almost a third of the amount of a house deposit on one day? Well, not us.

So now I have four months to get an incredibly small wedding organised. With the support of Tom, my family I think it can be done, after all, the next big thing is the dress.

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